20th Annual 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention

In Memory of Ray Erne

Welcome, Friends and Family!

I want to thank you all deeply for showing your support for this Samaritans 5K Suicide Prevention Walk/Run.

For those of you who walked with us last year, donated, sent letters, messages of encouragement, etc., A BIG THANK YOU! For those of you new to this cause, check out more information on my father below:

As you may know, my father, Ray Robert Erne, passed away September 6th, 2016. The date of this walk not only falls nearly two years from his passing, but also is days away from what would have been his 62nd birthday (October 4th). While we walk in memory of him, we also walk for ourselves, to show that if we made it through the past two years, we can walk just 3 more miles together, too.

My father was everything to my mother and I. A loving husband and father, he would do anything for either of us at a drop of a hat, even if that included driving into Boston to bring me dinner at college, or driving down to the Cape and back in one night because I forgot my retainer. The retired Coast Guard Lt. Commander was happiest fishing on his boat he named Gertie, after his mother, and was so proud of his fishing skills. But on land, his modesty prevailed, even when he would beat us both in miniature golf without us even noticing he was so far ahead of us!

He loved spending time outdoors, and was always working in the yard after work and on the weekends. He would beam with excitement when his golden raspberry plant would bear fruit, and he would eat them in his cereal every morning, thankful that this time the squirrels didn't get to them before he did. Even if mom and I were having a "girl's day," he knew that we would eventually whistle him inside when dinnertime approached. We would spend the night enjoying church together accompanied by a nice family dinner, and would eventually collapse on the couch, where he would fall asleep in his favorite chair (he's looking down at me saying, "I was resting my eyes!")

From taking care of my car to moving me in and out of my numerous moves in college and in my first jobs, I always knew I never had to worry about a thing when my dad was around. If I ever ran into any kind of problem, whether it was fixing a broken necklace or applying for scholarships, he would be able to do it without ever a single complaint, and in fact, with a gleeful smile when he finished.

My father was one of the most patient people I have ever met in my life. My family and I were always travelling, either to Disney World or to any of the many countries we've been to in Europe and beyond. He always loved soaking up the history, reading every sign he found, and even if we briefly got split up in a crowd, my mother always assured me he would find us again.

And he always did.

I could go on and on about how my father was the best daddy in the whole wide world, but my mother and I will always remember every moment we had with him and wish he was still here with us today. The deep and profound pain you feel in losing someone you're so close to will never cease, but each friend we hold dear, every phone call we answer, every letter we open, every smile from across the table we see, we are reminded how many wonderful and supportive people we have in our lives. We honestly do not know how we would have survived without all of you, and without each other.

I hope you will consider walking with my mother and I this September and support us through yet another incredibly difficult year filled with new challenges for both of us. If you are not able to walk with us or donate to suicide prevention, your loving friendship means more to us than we could ever express.

All my love,

Christina Erne. 


Did you know? 

In Massachusetts in 2014 (latest data available) --

o    608 people died by suicide

o    11,014 people went to the emergency room or were hospitalized for self-inflicted injuries

o    There are 4 times as many suicides as homicides each year and 2 times as many motor vehicle deaths

o    The highest suicide rate is among men aged 45 – 64

o    Women have a higher rate of suicide attempts

o    54% of people who died by suicide had a documented current mental health problem

Please Donate Now to our team fundraising effort and save a life and the terrible toll it takes on families and the community.

 Your gift will fund Samaritans confidential, non-judgmental, and compassionate listening.

Each year Samaritans:

·         Answers over 75,000 HelpLine calls from people struggling with despair, depression or who just need to talk

·         Averages 350 HelpLine text conversations monthly, mostly from young people

·         Reaches 21,000 individuals with education on suicide risks and prevention strategies through workshops and awareness events

·         Support over 1100 survivors of suicide loss through SafePlace support groups or individual meetings

Please Donate Now to our team and help save a life. Or Join our Team on September 29, 2018 at Artesani Park, 1225 Soldiers Field Road, Brighton, MA

You can help prevent the tragedy of suicide. Thank you so much!

Learn more about Samaritans here: Samaritanshope.org
If you or someone you know needs to talk, call or text 877-879-HOPE (4673)


All proceeds fund Samaritans' life saving services, which are available to individuals and families free of charge in Greater Boston, MetroWest, and throughout the Massachusetts via the HelpLine

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