20th Annual 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention

The Chrisaders

On April 9, 2018, our world spun off its axis. We were left with a pain so strong and a void so deep from the loss of Chris to suicide. Until that point, life as we knew it was seemingly perfect. Chris was only 47 years young and worked as an IT manager; a profession he put himself through school and worked up the ranks to obtain. Above all, Chris was a loving and devoted husband to Marcia and amazing father to his four children: Angela, Rebecca, Nathan & Justin.

We lost one of the kindest souls to ever grace this world. Chris did everything he could to help out a fellow friend, neighbor or stranger. He truly enjoyed and loved the simple things in life, whether it be the sound of a campfire cracking or the sound of the ocean's waves. Chris never let the little things slip by without showing his appreciation. Chris loved history, science, literature, sports and anime; all passions he passed on to each of his four children. His love for history drove him to collect and fill his living room with Kachina dolls, creating a Southwestern feel when you walked in. Chris loved spending time outdoors. Hiking, camping and just “sitting on the deck and staring at the sky or trees outside to clear my mind” filled only a small part of what he loved. Taking trips to Ossipee and listening to the pellet stove “clink, clink, clink”, drinking cans of Miller Lite while watching the Sox or Pat’s game outside on the deck or on the projector around the fire pit, or just sitting with Hammy the cat on his recliner- sticking his hand out over the arm of the chair so the cat would arch his back just high enough to feel Chris’ hand without Chris having to move much to pet him are only a small percentage of the fond memories we have of Chris.


Chris asked that we remember him fondly and with love. As a family, we decided one of the best ways we could do that is to honor his memory by helping others who may be in same place he found himself in. We, as a team, invite you to join us on Saturday, September 29 as we walk and run with Chris’ fire burning inside of us. We wish to provide hope for those who are having a difficult time seeing the beauty in this world; for those who may have dark shadows covering the light.













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