21st Annual 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention

Team Bucky

Welcome to the Team Bucky fundraising page for the 21st Annual Samaritans 5K Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention on September 28th, 2019 

Please Support us in raising funds for Samaritans and their suicide prevention work, In loving memory of our dear friend Bucky.


Bucky left us earlier this year. Many of us are still struggling to understand why. Bucky was so full of life, bursting at the seams with energy, ideas and the drive to get things done. In order to properly honor Bucky's memory, we should emulate his energy and drive. The combined efforts of Team Bucky can help save a life and provide solace to somebody struggling with despair or depression. 

Suicide takes such a terrible toll on families and the community. Between 1999 to 2016 the suicide rate in Massachusetts increased by 35% (1). “Deaths of despair”— those caused by suicide and substance use — increased by 40 percent in the Bay State between 2013 and 2016 (2). Both absolute levels of suicide per 100,000 people and recent increases are particularly high amongst those aged between 45 and 64. The male suicide rate remains almost four times that for women, and suicide rates for whites are higher and have been climbing faster than those for other racial and ethnic groups (3).

This year the Samaritans will:

  • Answer 80,000 HelpLine calls from people struggling with despair, depression or who just need to talk.


  • Average 500 HelpLine text conversations monthly, mostly from young people (4).


  • Reach 20,000 individuals with education on suicide risks and prevention strategies through workshops and awareness events


  • Support over 1100 survivors of suicide loss through SafePlace support groups or individual meetings


For my sake, turn again to life, and smile,
Nerving thy heart and trembling hand to do
Something to comfort weaker hearts than thine.
Complete these dear unfinished tasks of mine,
And I, perchance, may therein comfort you!

- From "Turn again to life" by Mary Lee Hall





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