Meet Kamryn

While San Antonio Zoo had to close its doors to guests to help stop the spread of COVID-19, our amazing Animal Care Team continued to ensure our animals received the care they needed.

By adopting a keeper, like Conservation Technician, Kamryn, your gift helps provide resources to our Zoo Crew to continue their world-class animal care.

What made you want to be in this career field?

From observing insects in my backyard as a little kid, to studying wild elephants in Tanzania for a semester in college, I have always been interested in working with animals and am very passionate about wildlife conservation. I feel grateful to have found a job where I am not only getting to interact with a wide variety of creatures on a daily basis, but also participate in exciting field work opportunities. In addition to my interest in wildlife conservation, I am also passionate about art. My position in the Center for Conservation and Research has allowed me to combine my passions by working on conservation projects like Project Selva, an art based conservation initiative promoting rainforest conservation in parts of Amazon rainforest in Peru.

What does your normal day look like?

While every day is different, caring for animals is always my top priority. From feeding and misting horned lizards, to caring for salamanders and doing water changes for our aquatic animals, animal care is how we spend most of our time as conservation technicians. In addition to animal husbandry, we also get to participate in exciting field work such as looking for horned lizards and hiking in West Texas looking for blind catfish habitats.

What is the most memorable moment you have experienced at the zoo?

Many of my favorite experiences at San Antonio Zoo have been during field work. From swimming in caves with blind salamanders to hiking in the desert looking for blind catfish, getting to see these rare animals in their natural habitat and experience the unique ecosystems have been incredibly memorable. Other experiences include the successful breeding of a few of our salamander species. Being a part of the team that successfully bred two different species of endangered salamanders is something I’ll always look back on!

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Your gift of $1,000 can provide access to our Animal Care Team to attend continued animal care trainings through courses offered at the yearly Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conference.

San Antonio Zoo’s Animal Care Team is always looking at ways to develop fun enrichment ideas for our animals. Your gift of $500 can provide enrichment items like balls, boxes, bags, and barrels for fun exploratory play.

Our Animal Care Team works daily to maintain and provide exhibits designed to be as compatible as possible to the animal’s natural environment. Your gift of $250 can provide crucial exhibit upgrades like lighting, natural horticulture, and landscaping.

Exhibit pools for animals like Timothy the hippo are cleaned frequently. Your gift of $100 can provide the necessary diving equipment like wetsuits, goggles, and boots to accomplish this task.

Some of the most common tools and resources can often be overlooked. Your gift of $50 can provide access to daily used items like hoses, shovels, and rakes.

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