A German shepherd Seeing Eye puppy stands in the snow.

Seeing Eye Winter Holiday Card (Box of 20)

This card is a landscape-oriented, lovely, winter-themed greeting card as an alternative to our holiday card. Standing on a snow-covered deck is a black and tan German shepherd who loves the winter. Her head is turned to the left looking into the camera with dark brown eyes. Her face is a deep red brown with black accenting her muzzle and eyes. The black fur draping her back contrasts the tan of her chest and legs. Small white snowflakes are falling into focus and landing on her head and shoulders. In the background is a wooden deck railing lined with a few inches of fluffy white snow. Behind it, snow-covered tree branches are just out of focus.

The inside of the card has this message printed and embossed in Braille below: “Peace and love to you this winter season." Comes with 20 cards and 20 envelopes.

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