2018 puppy calendar cover with Lab and shepherd

2018 Seeing Eye Puppy Calendar*

This 2018 wall calendar not only features 12 months of adorable Seeing Eye puppies of all ages; but also education about dogs and the right way to behave around Seeing Eye teams. Each month’s featured pups are named and described; and this 2018 calendar also includes an additional “watermark” puppy image transposed over each month’s date grid. The watermark pups are also named and described. U.S. and Seeing Eye holidays are included for each month and most months include a “Did You Know” and “Tips for you and your dog” on the top right hand side of the calendar grid. After December 2018, there are 4 pages that include thumbnail pictures of outstanding puppy photos that were submitted. The very last page includes 5 Tips: When You Meet a Seeing Eye Dog; and 10 Ways to Protect Guide Dog Teams. Both are geared towards pet dog owners.

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