Step Forward for Youth Mental Health

4 out of 5 youth with mental health issues do not receive the care they need. With your help Sunnybrook's Family Navigation Project (FNP) aims to change this statistic.

Fundraising Ideas

Celebrate an event, honour a milestone or special someone through the gift of giving! It`s as easy as asking your friends and family for donations towards your fundraising goal!

There’s no better gift than the one that changes a life. Fundraising on behalf of a milestone gives extra meaning to the occasion.

  • Yard sale: Clean out your basement or garage and hold a yard sale in support of your race.
  • Bake sale: A classic bake sale is always a hit! You can charge for entry or simply donate the proceeds to the cause.
  • Summer BBQ: Host a summer BBQ and ask guests to make a donation in exchange for a burger hot off the grill.
  • Host a night: Invite friends and family over to watch a movie or sporting event. Ask them to donate the amount they would regularly spend on a movie and refreshment
  • Host a dinner party: Ask for a donation in lieu of a hostess gift.
  • Car wash: Set up your hoses, buckets and sponges and hold a car wash. If you charge $10 per car, you’ll meet your fundraising minimum in no time!
  • Casual or dress down day at work: Coordinate a ‘dress down’ day at work where your colleagues get to wear their favorite jeans into the office in exchange for a donation
  • Give up coffee day!: Encourage colleagues to make their coffee at home or at the office and instead donate the money usually used to buy coffee
  • Pack your own lunch day! Encourage staff & colleagues to skip buying a lunch for a day. Instead bring lunch from home and donate their lunch money.
  • Corporate Matching: Does your company offer a matching gift or volunteer incentives in the form of donations? Check with your company representative or HR!

Your Tools for this Race