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The mission of Dignity Grows is to provide individuals in need with essential personal hygiene products so they can attend school and work and participate in community life without interruption. Through your generosity, you’re helping members of the greater Austin community live with dignity.

To make your donation online, see below. To mail in your contribution, send your check payable to Shalom Austin and include Dignity Grows in the memo line, to 7300 Hart Lane, Austin, TX 78731. To make a gift by phone, please call (512) 735-8044.

Each bag purchased and donated is a reusable branded zipper top tote filled with a month’s supply of Sanitary pads and panty liners, shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and hand wipes.

For an $18 donation per bag, you are ensuring the recipients continue to live with as much dignity as possible and will support our local efforts to provide supplies and cover costs. You can donate two bags for $36, three bags for $54, 10 bags for $180, and so on.


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