Join us as we build a kinder, healthier future for our nation's youth.

Across the country, today’s children and adolescents — at all grade levels — do not get enough physical activity, and are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. Understanding these challenges, promoting an active school environment, and teaching children how to cope with stress, bullying, and societal pressures can make all the difference.

The health. moves. minds.® Fundraiser brings the lessons, activities, and community-building ideas that can help kids live their best lives.

Ready to Get Started?

For Teachers Managing the health. moves. minds. Fundraiser

If you wish to reactivate the same team from last school year, click the "signed in" link in the "Returning Users, Log In First!" box after you click the Create a Team button below.

Create a Team Button with Amplify Kindness Theme v3Educational Content and New Mini-Lessons PLUS Fundraising Tools

  • Use the SEL-focused health. moves. minds. curriculum and activities to benefit your students and the entire school!  
  • Incorporate the NEW mini lessons! 
  • Earn Gopher gift cards toward new PE equipment
  • Share donations raised with a charity of your choice — your school's PTO, a national or local 501(c)(3) charity (optional)
  • Your Fundraising Champions (students) will be so proud to wear their "Amplify Kindness" T-shirt when they raise $50 — online OR offline! 
Learn more about additional incentives your school can earn!

For Fundraisers Joining the School Team

Join a Team Button with Amplify Kindness ThemeRegister yourself or your child to participate on his/her school's health. moves. minds. fundraising team. You will be prompted to enter your school team name. Thank you for supporting your child's efforts to learn how to achieve daily physical activity, practice positive character behavior such as being kind and helping others (earning new PE equipment for their school and if the school chooses to donate to a local charity)!

Please note:  If you have more than one child that will be fundraising on behalf of a school team, please be sure to register each child separately, using a different email address for each registration.

Check out the Parent Quick Start for How to Join a Team and Managing Your Fundraising HQ tutorial videos.

For Friends and Family

Donate Today Button with Amplify Kindness ThemeFamily members and friends can make a donation on behalf of a student participating in their school's health. moves. minds. fundraiser. When visiting the donation page, you will be prompted to search for the individual's name or school team. Thank you for supporting this student (we call them Fundraising Champions) during their school's health. moves. minds. fundraiser! The student you are donating to is learning positive behaviors such as helping others, practicing acts of kindness and the importance of good health during their health. moves. minds. event.