Educational Resources: Additional Resources

In this section you will find all the materials you will need to implement the educational portion of the health. moves. minds.™ program. Clicking the green download button will allow you to download a .zip file for all the educational materials for a grade band. You can use the materials and lessons in their entirety or adapt them to fit the needs of your students. Be sure to come back periodically as we continue to build this library of resources for teachers!

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 13-19, 2022) is the perfect time to kick off or celebrate your health. moves. minds. event! Spread kindness all week long by choosing from the engagement ideas listed below. Incorporating kindness and mindfulness lessons is easy and can further your impact! Check out some sample lessons on kindness and mindfulness here:

Additional Resources

Integrating the health. moves. minds. Program into PETE

Implementation of social and emotional learning (SEL) programs and practices has become a major priority of school administration and staff adopting whole-child approaches to education. It’s important to have teacher candidates understand the value of a whole-child approach to education and see first-hand the positive impact of SEL educational programming on K-12 students. Read an article from JOPERD by Jenny M. Linker and Joe Deutsch about how they did this for their teacher candidates by integrating the health. moves. minds. program into their PETE classes at NDSU.

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Virtual and Distance Learning Resource Guide

This guide will provide teachers with ideas on how to adapt health. moves. minds. lessons for virtual or distance learning use. Activities are organized in order of the lesson progression. If an activity is not listed from a health. moves. minds. lesson that means there was not an appropriate virtual or distance learning adaptation.

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Health & Physical Education Calendars

The Health & Physical Education calendars are a great resource to send home with students or to share through a link in a newsletter or e-mail out to parents. The calendars encourage students to stay physically active while working on aspects of mental wellness, too.

Family Field Day Packet

Help parents plan a field day event in their own backyard! Here are some activities, tips and tricks to holding a Mind & Body-themed field day with the family.

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Self-Care — Virtual Race

Take a moment for yourself and stay active at home. Challenge yourself to do a “virtual race” and pledge to movement goals to keep you active. Find all the tracking resources you’ll need to get started here!

Ready-To-Go Take Home Packet for Secondary HPE

The Ready-to-Go Take Home Packet is designed for teachers to download so they have a collection of ready to use activities that they do not have to spend time searching for. The secondary activities in this packet do not require internet and include physical education and health education that are designed to be done over the course of a week.

The Daily Big 3

In this version of the Daily Big 3, elementary kids begin to take owernship of their own health and wellness by completing three tasks daily focused on mental and emotional wellness, physical activity and reflection.

The second version of the Daily Big 3. This update builds from the first version.

The Daily Big 3 are three things students can do each day while they’re out of school to take care of their physical and mental wellness. They will fill in the date for each day and check off items as they complete them.

Field Day Packet

:Plan now to hold a health. moves. minds. field day next year! Here are some activities, tips and tricks to holding a Mind & Body-themed field day at your school.

Quick Student Challenges

These activities can be completed by students now while at home, or individually on Field Day when school is in session to fill time during lunch and recess waves. They can also be used during your health. moves. minds. event or anytime to get your school moving.

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is a way to relax your body by tightening your muscles then relaxing them. You lay down and start at your head, squeezing and relaxing different muscles in your face, and work all the way down to your toes. Like a Mindful Minute, this is a great tool to use if you feel overwhelmed, anxious, mad or just need to focus.

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Color by Mood Activity Worksheets

This resource is a mood tracker where you will track your mood daily. In addition to tracking your mood, you will give a brief reflection about what happened each day that may have affected your mood.

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