Parents - Fundraising Tips

Welcome to the health. moves. minds.TM Parent Resource Center. In here you will find educational material, ways to spread the word, family wellness tips, FAQs and so much more!

Utilize these resources with your child to help you complete a successful health. moves. minds. event and raise funds that will benefit your school with equipment, training and safe spaces that can prepare children for a lifetime of health and physical activity. The health. moves. minds. ™ program brings the lessons, activities, and community-building ideas that can help students live their best lives.

Learn how to make the most out of the program as well as ways to amplify your message to help reach your fundraising goals! Also included are sample messages, tips for parents and FAQ’s.

Social & Outreach Media Guide

Spread the word and share your child’s story! Relate to others by letting them know why you and your child are fundraising and what it means to your school.

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Parent Quick Start

Simple steps to implementing an engaging experience with your child!

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4 Easy Tips for Fundraising

When you sign up to participate in the health. moves. minds. program, you’ll receive a personal fundraising web page. Here are 4 ways to make the biggest impact!

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Maximize Donations with Matching Gifts

Many companies offer a matching gifts program to encourage philanthropy among their employees.  Gifts from employees' spouses and retired employees may also qualify for a match.

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Parent Fundraising Platform FAQs

A helpful step-by-step guide that walks you through setting up your fundraising page, reaching out to family and friends making donations.

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