Fundraising - Planning

Your health. moves. minds. ® event can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. Tailor it to your school size and schedule! Events can be as simple as lesson plans incorporated into your existing units, or can grow to be community-wide events.

We’ve got you covered with fun resources and tips to make your event impactful and engaging! These tools provide you with everything you need, from getting top-level support to raising funds online and more.

Get Approval

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As health and physical educators, we know you see the value and importance in implementing the health. moves. minds.® Fundraiser in your school. Now it's time to get your principal/supervisor on board! With so many fundraising options out there and competing priorities, we know it’s sometimes difficult to get buy-in from your administration. We’ve put together tips, suggestions, and benefits to help you when having the conversation with your supervisor.

Get Started

Getting Started

Not sure how to get registered?  View these short, informative tutorial videos to aid you through the process.  In addition, the helpful quick start guide will walk you through easy steps to register for and plan your health. moves. minds. event.

Fundraising Options

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There are two flexible options when you sign up for the health. moves. minds. program to help you make the biggest impact in your school and community.  The Offline Donation Tracker will assist you in tracking offline donations that your students collect and incentives that they earn.  The Donation Packet for Fundraising Champions provides a flyer (which may be customized with your school's Fundraiser End Date and any special incentives you are offering) and an offline donation form that parents and students may use to track their donations.  Refer to the Matching Gift Guide to learn about additional ways to boost your fundraising success.

Looking to “pay it forward” and allocate 25% of your funds raised to a local 501(c)(3) charity of your choice? Make sure to complete and submit Charity Paperwork — which includes a Charity Consent Form,ACH/Direct Deposit Vendor Payment Authorization Form and W9 — to SHAPE America at least 30 days before your fundraiser starts and no later than June 1, 2023.  Forms must be dated during the 2022-2023 health. moves. minds. campaign year (August 1, 2022 - June 1, 2023).  Even if you have partnered with the same charity in a previous year, new forms must be submitted annually.  If the required forms are not completed and submitted as indicated, the school shall receive the full allocation instead of funds being disbursed to the 501(c)(3) charity you chose.

Event Planninng Timeline & Templates

Event Planning

Follow our step-by-step Event Planning Timeline to plan a successful health. moves. minds. Fundraiser.  Or, use one of our "out-of-the-box" templates to plan your fundraiser in 5 weeks or less, including easy-to-use lesson plans and ideas you can incorporate into your existing unit plans.

Spread the Word

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The following can be used to explain the health. moves. minds. program to other teachers, administrators, parents, community, etc.  This language can be modified for the school's team fundraising page and relevant fundraising emails (by adding fundraiser-specific information).  Highlighted text would be personzlied by each school.

Social media is KEY to raising lots of awareness and funds.  An easy first step is to create a Facebook Fundraiser directly from your Fundraising HQ!  Connecting to your Facebook will ensure all donations are added to your personal fundraising page automatically and gives you access to your largest network!

School Fundraising Event Kick-Off Videos

On Kick-Off Day, add some excitement to the announcement of your health. moves. minds. fundraising event with one of our Kick-Off videos! Use the School Fundraiser version if your event will be focused on raising funds for new PE equipment for your school. Use the Pay It Forward version if you are additionally supporting a 501(c)(3) charity. Show the video to students during an assembly, during health classes or during PE classes!

health. moves. minds. Kick-Off Video for School Fundraiser

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health. moves. minds. Kick-Off Video for School Fundraiser and Pay-It-Forward

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Appreciate, Celebrate & Recognize

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When participating in health. moves. minds., we recommend holding a celebratory event or engaging in school-wide activities.  See below for some ideas to get you started!

Celebrate and inspire your Fundraising Champions (students) with these download and print posters (11" x 17") for your gym or classroom.  Recognize achievements of individual students with the download and print achievement certificates (8.5" x 11"), which can be personalized with the amount raised by the student and their name.

Fundraiser Wrap-Up

Fundraiser Wrap-Up

When you are finished collecting donations and are ready to close-out your health. moves. minds. Fundraiser, follow this simple Fundraiser Wrap-Up Guide.