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Welcome to the health. moves. minds.® Parent Resource Center. In here you will find educational material, ways to spread the word, family wellness tips, FAQs and so much more!

Utilize these resources with your child to help you complete a successful health. moves. minds. event and raise funds that will benefit your school with equipment, training and safe spaces that can prepare children for a lifetime of health and physical activity. The health. moves. minds.® program brings the lessons, activities, and community-building ideas that can help students live their best lives.

Mindfulness Family Activities

Take home mindfulness activities for the whole fam! Share with the whole family, reinforce healthy habits and join in as your child is learning how to take care of their mind and body.

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Grades K-5: health. moves. minds. Coloring Sheets

health. moves. minds. Coloring Sheet

Give your child the opportunity to illustrate the skills they have learned through health. moves. minds. with these download and print coloring sheets.

Grades 6-8: Parent Conversation Starters

Navigating adolescence can be hard. When talking with your children at this stage, it is very important to model open communication (and listening). This will be important when difficult moments eventually arise. This resource will provide some sample conversation starters to use with your child at the dinner table, on a walk, on the couch, in the car, or anytime you have a moment to talk.

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Family Field Day Packet

Family Field Day Activities

Plan a field day in your own backyard!  Here are some activities, tips and tricks to holding a Mind & Body-themed field day with the entire family.

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health. moves. minds. Recommended Resources

Social-Emotional Learning Equipment Pack

Your kids can incorporate social-emotional learning into their daily lives using the Gopher SEL Pack. This pack places emphasis on activities that develop perspective, empathy, self-motivation, and goal setting. Kids can practice progressive muscle relaxation with the included yoga mat and play games like, “Don’t Bust the Water Balloon” and “Clouds and Trees” with some of the other equipment in the pack.

All activities are completely free to view on the My PE Pack website!

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