Share Your health. moves. minds.® Story!

The health. moves. minds. FUNdraiser program was designed to teach students critical life skills -- kindness, respect, philanthropy, advocacy -- and to demonstrate the importance of daily physical activity and giving back to the community.  We hope that you and your child experienced the powerful impact of health. moves. minds. and we'd love to hear your story!

Please use the form below to provide information about your experience with health. moves. minds. FUNdraiser from your perspective as a parent or caregiver or through the lens of your child.  Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways that we can spread the word about health. moves. minds. and ensure that students across the country are able to benefit from this impactful program!  

Your story may be used in social media promotions, email campaign, the SHAPE America website or blog, the health. moves. minds. "In the Zone" publication, and more!