health. moves. minds.
Thank you for choosing to participate in health. moves. minds.! Please read below for helpful tips as you progress through the registration process.
For Teachers
Option 1: Team Champion
Full Program Implementation

Educational Content and New Mini-Lessons PLUS Fundraising Tools
Health and PE teachers planning to participate in health. moves. minds. by incorporating the free, standards-based educational content and conducting a fundraiser on behalf of your school, please enter your team name and set your team fundraising goal below.  You can earn Gopher gift cards towards PE equipment and share donations with a charity of your choice if you wish.  Thank you for being a health. moves. minds. Team Champion!  
If you wish to reactivate a team from last school year, click the "signed in" link in the Returning Users, Log In First! box.
Option 2: SEL Educator
Educational Content and New Mini-Lessons
Not yet ready to commit to a fundraiser?  Health and PE teachers may register to access and implement the free, standards-based health. moves. minds. curriculum without committing to a fundraising event.  Register now to access health. moves. minds. educational resources.  Thank you for being a health. moves. minds. SEL Educator!

If you later decide that you wish to host a health. moves. minds. fundraiser that can also benefit a charity of your choice, you will need to re-register by clicking the Create a Team button from the main page and then selecting the Team Champion registration type.

For Parents and Legal Guardians
Register your child to participate on his/her school's health. moves. minds. fundraising team.  You will be prompted to enter a team name.  Thank you for supporting your child's efforts to learn how to achieve daily physical activity, practice positive character behavior such as being kind and helping others (earning new PE equipment for their school and if the school chooses to donate to a local charity)!

If your school's team is not listed, please contact our Customer Care Team.

For Friends and Family
Family members and friends can make a donation on behalf of a student participating in their school's health. moves. minds. fundraiser.  When visiting the donation page, you will be prompted to search for the individual's name or school team.  Thank you for supporting this student (we call them Team Member Champions) during their school's health. moves. minds. fundraiser!  The student you are donating to is learning positive behaviors such as helping others, practicing acts of kindness and the importance of good health during their health. moves. minds. event.

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