Sacred Heart Auto League

The Sacred Heart Auto League has been making the roads safer for 50 years. The Auto League was conceived by Father Gregory Bezy, SCJ, in 1955 as a practical answer to what he considered the ever-increasing dangers of our overcrowdedstreets and highways. Since its inception, the Auto League has continually promoted "prayerful and careful driving."

Members who take this pledge, and who live out their love of neighbor through courteous and careful driving, thereby counter - and in a sense, repair - the inconsideration and carelessness so often encountered while on the road.

Members of the Auto League share in a special Holy Mass offered each morning for all League members, living and deceased. With a donation, each member is provided with an official Auto League emblem of the Sacred Heart for use in their vehicles, and a wallet-size membership card, which includes the member's pledge and Driver's Prayer.

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Prayer Before A Trip

driveprayerfully.pngAre you or your loved ones traveling soon? Enroll drivers' names in the Sacred Heart Auto League so that we can pray all those behind the wheel will drive prayerfully and carefully so that each precious passenger arrives safely at journey’s end.

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