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Every year new features are introduced to make vehicles safer. But while manufacturers focus on the equipment, the Sacred Heart Auto League focuses on the drivers and passengers. It is the people behind the wheel, distracted by technology, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, impaired by lack of sleep, or filled with road rage at others that cause the vast majority of accidents.

Now, more than ever, prayerful careful driving saves lives! Since 1955, technology has improved our lives in many ways. In others, it has made traveling more difficult. Drivers encounter countless distractions.

By driving in prayerful awareness of God’s presence, our attitudes toward other drivers change. Compassion and patience can replace annoyance, even road rage. The ordinary act of traveling turns into a time of grace and blessing that will improve safety on our highways, and the image of the Sacred Heart in your vehicle is a powerful reminder of the presence of God with us wherever we travel and is a source of blessing. It prompts us to be prayerful careful drivers, attentive to others on the road.

Members of the Sacred Heart Auto League believe that a spiritual solution is one of the best approaches to increased highway safety. There is just no substitute for prayerful careful driving!

Even if you no longer drive, please take a moment today to join or renew your membership. Your promises to be a prayerful careful driver or passenger and to pray for all travelers are even more important today than they were 60 years ago when the Sacred Heart Auto League was founded.

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