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Team Brooke

SickKids has played a major role in our lives this past year as our incredible baby niece Brooke was born with a benign tumour in her neck, requiring her to undergo a tracheostomy at 3 months old which should hopefully only be needed until the tumour is gone. She is the happiest, smiliest baby and we are so grateful for all of the SickKids support that Liz and Craig rely on as their baby girl gets through this crazy start to life. Now it's our turn to help SickKids out.

This September, we are joining thousands of other SickKids supporters to build a new SickKids. $2 million is our collective fundraising goal, and it’s going to take all of us to get there.

SickKids has always been on the front lines in the fight for children’s health. But the clinical facilities at SickKids are close to 70 years old. Today, one of the biggest battles at SickKids is against the limits of an old building. 

Help us unleash the full potential of SickKids by donating online – it’s safe, secure and easy. Any amount you give today will help us reach our fundraising goal.

Let’s run, walk or ride for SickKids. We are committed to a fundraising goal of $5000 and collectively plan to run, walk or ride a total of 500 km from Sept 1 - Nov 30. We'd love your support!

Love, Kate, Mike, Stu and Lowy 

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