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Thank you for your gift to KIDstruction Week 2019 - you have selected a general gift to the event. If you would like to support a specific Company Team, please search for the Company name and go to their Fundraising page to support that team.

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Every gift matters in our mission and we are dedicated to making the most of every gift to the hospital.
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A gift of $40 ($1 per hour) covers the supplies to collect the DNA samples of about 60 patients treated for cancer and their families.
A gift of $120 ($3 per hour) can provide five children with dental screenings when the Healthy Kids Express dental van comes to their school. Healthy Kids Express meets the basic health care needs of children living in under served areas throughout St. Louis.
A gift of $200 ($5 per hour) will cover the cost of one day for a child treated for a congenital heart defect to attend Camp Rhythm. This 5-day/4-night camp was created for kids who were born with a heart defect or developed a heart problem that required intervention and ongoing follow-up care prior to the age of 18.

This will be used for public recognition (example, John Smith or The Smith Family).

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