Orphan Kitten Holiday Sponsorship PackageOrphaned Kitten Sponsorship Package includes:
SPCA holiday acknowledgement card and envelope, a 3”x3” acknowledgement ornament, and sponsorship story (see below). Delivery included so you can send the package yourself or let the SPCA mail it for you.


Tink, an orphaned kitten rescued by the SPCA of Wake County
Not everyone knows how to care for a one-week-old kitten, and that’s just how Tink found herself at the SPCA. Tink had been seen at a mechanic’s shop for several days without her mom. A Good Samaritan was worried about her but didn’t know how to care for such a young kitten, so she brought her to the SPCA. Fortunately, our staff knows the special care orphaned kittens need. Tink weighed just three ounces! She was very dehydrated and underweight. The skin around her claws was raw and she had abrasions on her paw pads and nose. Because of your kindness, the SPCA has the special resources to accept more kittens like tiny Tink.

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