Dog Family Holiday Sponsorship PackageDog Family Sponsorship Package includes:
SPCA holiday acknowledgement card and envelope, a 3”x3” acknowledgement ornament, and sponsorship story (see below). Delivery included so you can send the package yourself or let the SPCA mail it for you.


Lora and Puppies, a dog family rescued by the SPCA of Wake County
When Lora came to the SPCA, she arrived with 10 nursing puppies. Lora was underweight and still doing her best to take care of her charges. As if she wasn’t dealing with enough already, Lora also tested positive for heartworm disease.Lora was a good mother and her puppies were healthy. She continued to nurse all 10 pups while the SPCA cared for her. After a few weeks, the pups were weaned and adopted into loving homes, which allowed the staff at the SPCA to focus on Lora. She has begun the lengthy process of treatment for heartworm disease.Your gift allows us to see Lora through to a happy ending and to help more dogs, even if they come here one whole family at a time.

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