Cat Family Holiday Sponsorship PackageCat Family Sponsorship Package includes:
SPCA holiday acknowledgement card and envelope, a 3”x3” acknowledgement ornament, and sponsorship story (see below). Delivery included so you can send the package yourself or let the SPCA mail it for you.


Cami and Kittens, a cat family rescued by the SPCA of Wake County
Cami and her five kittens were transferred into the SPCA’s care from the Wake County Animal Center. The SPCA sent the whole family into a loving foster home where Cami nursed her kittens for several weeks. Soon Cami’s kittens were big and strong enough to be spayed/neutered. The kittens found loving homes and Cami herself ended up winning the heart of her foster mom and turning her foster home into her permanent residence. Thanks to your sponsorship, more kittens (and their mothers) can rest assured the SPCA will provide great care and find them loving homes.

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