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Weekly Broadcast Preview

Tom Horn

Have you ever noticed the eye and the pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill? What does the Latin phrase mean? Tom Horn presents evidence that these are "codes" and symbols of high-level Freemasons, and their purpose is to evoke and welcome the coming of the Anti-Christ.

David Martin

David Martin shares a supernatural impartation and powerful keys from God to do the same works that Jesus did! Just listen and receive.

Barbara Yoder

Could invisible forces be blocking answers to our prayers? Barbara Yoder teaches on "The Breaker Anointing." She's learned to call on Messiah Jesus to break through every obstacle and hindrance. That same anointing is available to you!

Dr. Francis Myles

Dr. Francis Myles has been shown by God how to supernaturally change your DNA. He calls it "genetic salvation." It goes beyond four generations of genetic curses -- all the way to where the flaw started. Back to Adam and Eve.

Norvel Hayes

Norvel Hayes is one of the true generals of the faith. Now a healthy 86 years old, Norvel shares what he learned on a visit to heaven -- how anyone can have supernatural favor with God.

Zona Hayes-Morrow

Zona Hayes-Morrow is the daughter of one of the "generals of the faith," Norvel Hayes. Thirteen times she faced life threatening diseases -- kidney failure, heart disease and cancer. But Zona had a gift from God, supernatural stubborn faith that never quits! She wants to impart it to you!

Sid Roth - The Jew and End Times

Sid Roth says you will not understand the end times unless you understand the Jew, Israel and the One New Man. Sid says an anointing for supernatural healing flows with this significant end time message. 

Doug Weiss

The institution of marriage is under all-out assault from pornography and immorality. Dr. Doug Weiss has been given a supernatural proactive way to walk in purity -- and for any trapped in sin, he shows how to get free!

Gary Whetstone - Hear God

In Jerusalem, Gary Whetstone had a vision of all of history. In it people didn't hear God or refused to follow His instructions. Their good works were then burned with fire. But God showed Gary how to hear clearly and fulfill his destiny!

Guillermo Maldonado - Kingdom Power

Guillermo Maldonado has trained thousands to operate in miracles worldwide. Now he has fresh revelation to help YOU do the things that Jesus said, and even greater.