Messianic Vision Canada

You are welcome to donate through our website, but please note that donations on our website will be processed in the USA and are not tax-deductible in Canada.

Dear Canadian Mishpochah (Family),

We have a sister charity in Canada known as Messianic Vision Canada! Messianic Vision Canada’s office is very small at this time. They receive gifts and process requests for products for Canada as well as send out tax-deductible receipts.

The contact information for Canada is:

Messianic Vision Canada
PO Box 5100
Markham Industrial Park
Markham, Ontario L3R 0S4

Please use the address above to send your gift or request for products to Messianic Vision Canada.You may still request products by calling our toll-free order number, 1-800-548-1918. Please note that when you request a product offered for a donation amount, you will receive a tax deduction only for the portion of the donation that exceeds the fair market value of the product. (Note: You may also continue to place your product request through our online shopping cart at However, at this time, we cannot offer a tax-deductible receipt for product requests placed on the web site. If you want a receipt, please mail your order to the address above or call our toll-free order number, 1-800-548-1918.)

For those of you who are or who would like to become Mishpochah, Mishpochah Gold or Chalutzim, please send your monthly gifts to the Messianic Vision Canada address ($30 Canadian for Mishpochah, $60 Canadian for Mishpochah Gold and $100 Canadian for Chalutzim). See below for other options regarding how to send your gifts.

We welcome your comments and suggestions about Messianic Vision Canada. Be sure to check our list of stations to see when our television program, It’s Supernatural!, is broadcast in your area.

Shalom and Love,

Sid Israel Roth

You can send your first Mishpochah, Mishpochah Gold or Chalutzim gift to us by credit card through e-mail to: Please indicate that this is your first Mishpochah, Mishpochah Gold or Chalutzim gift and include your MasterCard or Visa number and expiration date. You may also call us at 705-300-8077 or our order line at 1-800-548-1918. If you prefer to send us snail mail, the address is: Messianic Vision Canada, PO Box 5100, Markham Industrial Park, Markham, Ontario L3R 0S4, CANADA. Please make checks payable to Messianic Vision Canada. If you cannot become Mishpochah or Chalutzim at this time, please consider supporting us with a gift of any size.

Note for Mishpochah, Mishpochah Gold and Chalutzim: The fair market value of the premiums will be deducted from the tax-deductible amount of each monthly gift unless you have indicated you do not want to receive them. (The FMV of the Chalutzim pendant is only deducted once.) Gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.