2020 Denver Area Virtual Walk for Sjögren's

Amy's Walkers

Thanks for visiting our Team Page! 

I hope that you will join the team, participate in the walk with us, and help to increase awareness and raise funds to support the work of the Sjögren's Foundation! 

Denver Area Walk for Sjögren’s
Saturday, May 30, 2020
The Hudson Gardens & Event Center
6115 S. Santa Fe Drive, Littleton, CO 80120

Sjögren’s is the second most prevalent rheumatic autoimmune disease striking as many as four million Americans making it three times more common than lupus and multiple sclerosis. Despite its prevalence, Sjögren’s still remains relatively unknown.

What is Sjögren’s? (SHOW-grins)
Sjögren’s is a devastating disease in which the body’s immune system attacks the moisture-producing glands. Along with symptoms of dryness it can affect any body organ or system.
Founded in 1983, the Foundation provides patients with practical information and coping strategies that minimize the effects of Sjögren's. In addition, the Foundation is the clearinghouse for medical information and is the recognized national advocate for Sjögren's.
The Foundation's mission is to:
• Support Sjögren’s patients and their loved ones through education, resources and services
• Provide credible resources and education for healthcare professionals
• Serve as the voice for all Sjögren’s patients through advocacy and awareness initiatives
• Lead, encourage and fund innovative research projects to better understand, diagnose and treat
Sjögren's is very common yet still little known, you can help make a difference by joining our team and help us to get the word out!  We need your help to support research, education and to increase Sjögren’s awareness! 

Join the team and help to make Sjögren's known. It is simple to set-up your personal webpage and become part of the team!  It is also an easy way to receive donations which is also fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support your fundraising efforts. Then reach out to your friends and family by sending them a link to your page so they can learn more about Sjögren's and support your efforts. 

Together we can make a difference and impact the future of Sjögren's!

Thank you in advance for your support! Go Team Amy's Walkers!

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