2020 Denver Area Virtual Walk for Sjögren's

4 Nicole

Thanks for visiting our Team Page!

I hope that you will join our team and help to increase awareness and raise funds to support the work of the Sjogren’s Foundation!

Nicole was first diagnosed with Sjogren's in September of 2019 and suffers from some of the symptoms this systemic disease causes. In addition, she has both discoid cutaneous and systemic lupus. With the love and support from her partner, Noah, and her family and close friends, Nicole continues to persevere and look at the positive in all of this.

We need your help to support research, education and to increase Sjogren’s awareness!

Join OUR team and help to make Sjogren’s known. You can Donate to TEAM 4 Nicole. Just a $20 donation from you, family, and friends, can add up to help us meet our goal of $500 to raise for research. We will also be walking in the Denver 2020 walk on May 30th.

Thank you in advance for your support! Go Team!

Thank you in advance for your support!

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