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In-Person Mini Events

A mini event is any event that is held during the year where a portion of the proceeds benefit the Bennet Cancer Center's Hope in Motion Walk & Run. A mini event is a great way to build team camaraderie while raising funds for the Walk & Run. Anything fun that brings people together can be ued as a fundraising opportunity.

Events can have a single organizer, involve just one person or a large group of people or fall anywhere in between. These mini events can be shared with a small circle of friends or opened to the great Hope in Motion Walk & Run community.

A mini event can be anthing-let your creativity guide you! Or, look at our list, pick one (or more) that interests you and start raising funds now. Put the "fun" back in "fundraising," all while helping a great cause!

Some examples of mini events:

Corporate Mini Events are a great way to fundraise and team build in the workplace. Gather your co-workers and participate in a hobby or activity you already enjoy.

Have fun (and fundraise) together!