2021 Virtual Walk with the Dragon

Tom Lee Music


30 多年来中侨百万行活动一直是温哥华地区的最重要的活动之一。 去年百万行活动转为网上举行参与者既可以在自己家中参与活动也可以沿着整个城市的指定路线行走。

今年的活动日期将定于7月23日—25日。如果您选择参加实际路线步行您将有3天时间完成指定的路线。您可以选择由我们的赞助商指定的路线或是您自行挑选路线完成步行。请务必确保您在行走时佩戴您的Apple WatchiPhoneFitbit或其他计步设备并累计您在7月23日和25日之间所行走的步数量。最终步数累计超过33,000步的个人和累计超过300,000步的本团队都将获得荣誉证书和奖品。

如果您选择在家参加活动请登录 walk.successfoundation.com然后转到“中侨网上百万行”( Virtual Walk with the Dragon)。 您会找到一张互动式地图您可以在其中查看我们每个赞助商的打卡点。

同时请奉献您的爱心帮助捐赠共同助力达成$255,000元的捐赠目标。 每一份捐款无论金额数目都是您的无私大爱 只需访问页面http://walk.successfoundation.ca/goto/tomleemusic然后单击“加入团队”。在此填写信息后点击“立即捐赠”(Donate Now)与通利琴行一道共同助力中侨活动成功。请确保正确填写邮寄地址与联系信息以便您收到税款收据。


通利琴行加拿大董事长李正强Jeffrey Lee及全体同仁

Hello and welcome to the Tom Lee Music team fundraising page for the 2021 SUCCESS Walk with the Dragon.

The Walk with the Dragon event has been a Vancouver mainstay for over 30 years. In the last year, the Walk has shifted to a virtual format, with Walkers able to participate from both the comfort of their own homes to walking along designated routes throughout the city.

This year’s Walk takes place July 23 – 25. That means that if you choose to participate in the physical Walk, you have 3 days to complete the designated routes. Choose to walk by our sponsors’ or walk your own route in the city. Make sure to put on your Apple Watch, iPhone, FitBit, or other step counter, and track the number of steps you take between July 23 and 25. Take 30,000 steps total, or 300,000 steps together with our team, and receive a certificate of appreciation and prizes upon completion.

If participating from home, login to walk.successfoundation.com, and go to “Virtual Walk with the Dragon”. You will find an interactive map, where you can take a look at each of our sponsors’ checkpoints.

Of course, please help donate to help SUCCESS reach their goal of $255,000 this year. Every donation, no matter the amount, counts! Simply go to http://walk.successfoundation.ca/goto/TomLeeMusic and click on “Join Team”. After you’ve filled out that information, click on “Donate Now” to contribute to Tom Lee Music’s effort for SUCCESS. Please ensure to fill in your mailing address and contact information properly so that you may receive a tax receipt.

Thank you, and have a great time at the SUCCESS 2021 Walk with the Dragon!

Jeffrey Lee and Tom Lee Music

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