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Tell President Obama: Protect Greater Canyonlands

Don't Let This Happen

The Greater Canyonlands area — encompassing 1.4 million acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land surrounding Canyonlands National Park — is a landscape of sweeping plateaus, stunning geologic formations, 10,000 year old archeological sites, and unmatched natural beauty.

President Obama has the power to protect Greater Canyonlands with the stroke of a pen — if we can convince him to do so. But so far, the Obama administration has continued to defend President Bush’s plans that leave this area open to rampant off-road vehicle abuse, proposed uranium and tar sand mining, and oil and gas development.

Please, take a moment to ask President Obama to show leadership and to protect Greater Canyonlands.

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  • President Barack Obama

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Please Protect Greater Canyonlands

Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm writing to ask you to do everything in your power to protect the Greater Canyonlands region -- the 1.4 million acres of magnificent BLM land surrounding one of the crown jewels of our National Park System, Canyonlands National Park in southern Utah. Please leave a legacy that will be appreciated for generations to come by proclaiming Greater Canyonlands a national monument.

President Obama, Greater Canyonlands is an icon of our western heritage. It deserves protection for all time as a national monument. Please take action to protect this national treasure.

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