Background on Nine Mile / Desolation Canyon & the West Tavaputs Plateau Project

BLM has pulled together a website complete with the following items: (1) both a summary and lengthier description of the company’s proposed action, as well as a complete copy of the draft EIS; (2) various maps of the project area (and the resources at risk from the project); (3) the federal register notice that announced the kickoff of the scoping process; and, (4) a way to submit electronic comments directly to BLM.

To learn more about the Desolation Canyon and Jack Canyon wilderness inventory areas follow these links to the BLM’s 1999 wilderness inventory.  ( and (  BBC has proposed at least 171 wells on BLM lands in these two WIAs alone, along with 33 wells on BLM lands the Desolation Canyon and Jack Canyon Wilderness Study Areas.

You can also visit the following links to learn more:

(1) The Nine Mile Canyon Coalition is a Price, Utah based organization dedicated to preserving Nine Mile Canyon for future generations.

(2) The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a congressionally chartered organization headquartered in Washington, D.C.  Among its diverse programs, the Trust works to protect historic and cultural resources on public lands.