Roadless Lands Threatened by ORV Route Designations or Oil and Gas Development in the Moab Draft RMP:

  • Labyrinth Canyon and the Green River corridor
  • Tenmile Canyon, a side canyon of the Green River with a perennial stream
  • White Wash, a side canyon of the Green River with riparian habitat
  • Hell Roaring Canyon, a steep-walled side canyon of the Green River with intermittent stream flow.
  • Fisher Towers/Fisher Mesa area
  • Dome Plateau east of Arches National Park
  • Matt Martin Point above the Colorado River
  • Hatch Point east of Canyonlands National Park
  • Goldbar Rim east of Gemini Bridges
  • Multiple mesas in the  Labyrinth Canyon area threatened by a dense and redundant web of ORV routes:
    • Mineral Point
    • Horsethief Point
    • Deadman Point
    • Spring Canyon Point
    • Tenmile Point
  • The White Wash Sand Dunes are proposed by BLM to be a sacrifice area for cross-country ORV use



Wilderness in the Moab BLM District

Tenmile Canyon

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