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True Hero Ambassador Program

At Peyton Manning Children's Hospital we have one goal: getting kids back to being kids. The kids we serve are the heart and mission of our organization, and this is why they are our True Heroes!

The True Hero Ambassador program celebrates former and current patients who use their personal experiences and circle of friends to ensure that other patients have a positive hospital experience, and help motivate other kids, parents, schools and community organizations to give back to the patients at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.

True Hero Ambassadors are either former or current patients of Peyton Manning Children's Hospital and are committed to giving back. True Hero Ambassadors can serve in a variety of ways, including:

Sharing the experience they have had at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital to be used on St. Vincent website and social media outlets.  
Serving as a spokesperson by representing Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at fundraisers or other special events (for those Ambassadors who are willing!)  
Organizing an annual fundraiser to benefit Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, whether it's something at their school, in their neighborhood, or any other creative idea!  

We would ask that not only the patient but their family be available to attend events and that they would give consent to use photos, stories, videos, etc of the child at the discretion of the hospital marketing and development teams.

Interested in becoming a True Hero Ambassador? Sign up here. Contact Ashley Craig at with questions or for more information.