Welcome to Variety Schools

Variety Schools is a place where students can continue to develop their social-emotional skills and build on core competencies by connecting with others from diverse backgrounds and form positive social awareness and responsibility. This is the next generation of change-makers, working collectively to shape a better future for all!

Empathy and kindness begin at a young age, which is why schools from across this beautiful province are participating in Variety Schools! It’s an incredible opportunity for students to develop leadership skills while helping their peers.

When you fundraise with Variety Schools, your hard work is reflected right in your community. 

Don’t forget to download your FREE Fundraising Toolkit – it has a ton of resources to help you. Let us do some of the heavy lifting with pre-built fundraising campaigns, thoughtful conversation starters and reflection prompts for students and action planning worksheets that can help take your event to the next level.

Thank you for helping make the world a more inclusive and accessible place where all children can succeed and thrive!


Fundraising Toolkit

This is your FREE Variety Schools Fundraising Toolkit!

What’s inside:

  • Pillar Guide to help you decide which funding area at Variety BC your school is most passionate about supporting!
  • Social Impact Calendar that connects you to important dates of celebration and recognition throughout the year!
  • A-Z Fundraising Ideas – (Got a great idea that isn’t on our list? Let us know and we’ll feature your school on our website and in the toolkit!)
  • Campaigns you can pick-up-and-go, complete with posters, social media tools, student worksheets, action planning templates and more!

Click here to download your kit.


Resource Library

We’re hard at work alongside qualified educators, developing a resource library with lesson plans that are in alignment with BC core competencies that teach inclusivity and celebrate diversity.

Stay tuned – it’s coming soon!


How it Works

1. Register: If this is your first time or your school has not set up its own fundraising page yet, click “Register” on the top right of this page to get started!

2. Customize Your Page: Check out the Participant Centre to update information on your school’s page, add photos and videos, and set up a fundraising thermometer to track your progress!

3. Find Your School: Use our search box to type in your school’s name and find your page – or simply share your custom URL (www address) with your school community to take them straight to your page!

4. Join Your School: Students can join the team and start collecting donations online by clicking the “Join Your School” button on your school page. After completing a short sign-up process, students will have their very own personal page where they can share with family and friends the reason they’re fundraising, and where their loved ones can donate to support them. Each student’s contributions add up on your school page for one collective total to reach your goal!

5. Thank Your Supporters: Don’t forget to thank your community for helping your cause! There are customizable e-mail templates ready for you to send in your Participant Centre – no need to copy and paste; you can send your appreciation right from here!

6. Donate to Variety: Your online donations come straight to Variety and every supporter is e-mailed a tax receipt directly. Fundraising online and collecting donations at school too? No problem! Mail us a school cheque for your offline proceeds, and we’ll make sure it’s added to your school page and is reflected in your online totals!


School Grants

Since 1966, Variety – the Children’s Charity of BC has supported children and their families through individual grants such as medical supplies, mobility equipment, specialized therapies, and more.

We know that for child development, consistency is key, and the same level of support needs to be provided outside the home as well for youth to thrive. That’s why we’ve introduced the Variety Schools Grant Program!

Upgrade your school with up to $10,000 from Variety BC to make learning more inclusive and accessible for all students.

For details and to apply for a Variety Schools grant, visit our website.