Your Impact

Raising a child with special needs is fraught with unimaginable obstacles, but it can also be filled with such deep joy and moments of triumph when parents see their child overcoming some of their challenges.

This is at the heart of what we do. Our donors make it possible.

Because of you, families never have to go it alone. When a child with special needs receives support early on, it impacts not only the child but can also improve the well-being of the entire family. Your support helps to build a strong, positive, and supportive family environment where children can thrive.

“The past two years have been challenging for us as a charity as we continue to see more and more families reaching out for support,” said George Pitman, Board Chair, Variety BC. “Two years ago, we received 10 grant applications a week and now we’re receiving over 10 applications a day. With the continued support of British Columbians, we’re hoping to help even more kids across the province in 2022.”

Together, we can be there when a family needs us the most.

Thank you for allowing us to persistently work towards our vision - that every child who has special needs achieves their full potential.