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As we come to the end of the year, we reflect, with gratitude, on the amazing generosity of friends and donors to Children's Mercy. You bring peace and tranquility to families touched by the special care they receive and make possible life-changing transformations for children seen at Children's Mercy. Your kindness allows us to go above and beyond our commitment to offer the best care to children throughout the community and region.

From the comfort of a snuggly bear to the peace of mind of a properly installed car seat, you can provide a sense of security for every moment of a family's visit. This Wish List represents our greatest wish - to improve the health and well-being of children and transform lives. Care at Children's Mercy requires many, many, special items and we hope you'll fulfill one (or more!) of these ongoing or one-time hospital needs. Each item presented here ensures all children will receive the highest level of clinical and family-centered care.

Every gift is meaningful - every item on this list is significant.

During this season, and the whole year through, we are thankful for you. Without your thoughtfulness, we could not transform lives. THANK YOU.

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Children may need wheelchairs for a number of reasons: an injury to the legs or spine; disabilities due to muscular dystrophy; or cerebral palsy. Whatever the reason, many children and families rely on wheelchairs to get around when they are at Children's Mercy, leading to shortages and wear and tear.


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Treasure Box toys
Treasure Box items are small, age-appropriate toys to let children know that we're aware what they're going through isn't easy.


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Digital Hearing Aids
Transform silence into sound when you make a gift to purchase digital hearing aids. Some patients are able to hear for the very first time with the help of hearing aids thanks to the generosity of donors. Digital hearing aids, which can be very costly for families, are an ongoing need at Children's Mercy.


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Snug Seat Hippo
A special car seat for children in spica casts


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Britax Frontier 90
A special seat for larger-sized children who cannot sit unsupported.


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Movies and Entertainment
Transform a long day in the hospital into a fun day with a special treat!


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NICU Parent Support
Families of infants in the NICU often experience long stays at Children's Mercy. Our family-centered approach to care means providers go above and beyond to relieve stress during a family's time at the hospital. You can provide respite for families with a gift to support Parent to Parent programming and resources for parents of babies in the NICU.


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AngelGuard Car Bed
A car seat for premature babies who are too small for regular seats.


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Celebration Recognition Items
At Children's Mercy, big days and big accomplishments are recognized by staff. We use age and ability appropriate items to celebrate birthdays, the end of long treatments, and other important milestones.


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Dialysis Dolls
Dialysis dolls help kids understand and feel in control of their dialysis treatments.


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Bingo Prizes
On Tuesday nights, every inpatient, their families and guests are invited to play Children's Mercy Bingo. CMH provides approximately 50 -75 bingo prizes each week


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Toddler playmat
A playmat to allow infants and toddlers to have "on the floor/out of crib" quality play time


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Teen Items
Teenage patients have different interests than their younger counterparts. Keeping this in mind, the items we distribute to teens - sports paraphernalia, model cans/plans, magazines, beauty kits - are different and recognize teenagers' unique interests and needs.


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New, customizable pillowcase
A pillowcase for kids to decorate and make their hospital bed more "their own"


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