COVID-19 Update: 2021 COTS Walk will be VIRTUAL

In accordance with recommendations from local, state, and federal health officials in regards to COVID-19, we will not hold our Walk in person this year. We are doing all we can to support our community and keep our guests, supporters, and staff safe and healthy. For more insight into how we've adapted our shelters and services to address emerging and shifting needs, check out our most recent update on COTS' Covid-19 response in our programs and on-site services.

This year we invite you to join us – online – and "walk" with us. The COTS Walk is our largest annual event – and a critical fundraiser to support our services.

The traditional COTS Walk brings thousands of supporters to Battery Park, through the streets of Burlington, and into homeless shelters and service locations where people sleep, eat, live and meet.

We are happy to safely recommence that collective energy and communal support by holding the COTS Walk in a shared virtual space.

We have so many exciting things to tell you this year, sights to show you, and experiences for you to partake in. Join us in this virtual journey – check out today's interactive virtual walk activity!

We need your help this year, more than ever. We will be announcing the virtual walk activities soon. Follow our updates on Facebook, Twitter, or the COTS blog.


Q: What is the COTS Walk event all about? How do I get started as a walker?

A: Read through our COTS Walk 2021 Walk Packet to learn about this unqiue annual event, why it matters, and tips for how to be an effective fundraiser.

Q: Does the team captain register the team or do individuals on a team register separately?

A: Team captains can start the team, and then individual team members can join the team.  If team members accidentally register as an individual, they can later choose to join a team.

Q: When the captain registers, do they need to specify exactly at that time how many teammates there are?

A: No, Captains do not need to specify how many teammates there are at registration.

Q: Is there a deadline for knowing the exact number of teammates on a given team?

A: There is not a deadline.

Q: Is there a way to collect offline donations, or are donations only collected online?

A: Offline donations can be collected. At your request, COTS can mail pledge envelopes to you to in order to assist with the collection process. Email Romy Theisen at to request pledge envelopes.

Q: How do I set up my online fundraising site?

A: It’s easy!

  • Choose to register as an individual, join an existing team or start your own!
  • You’ll need to provide your email address and create a password when you register. If you were a walker in 2019 or 2020, our system will remember you and you will be asked to log in with your past username and password (if you saved your old registration email, it will have those details). If you cannot recall your login details, please reach out to Romy Theisen to get your password reset.
  • Follow along with these step by step registration instructions! We've included screenshots to make this process quick and easy. We also created a detailed COTS Walk Registration Video if you're still confused. Please note that this video was created last year − the video's first 20 seconds show our old website and the best contact for your walk questions is no longer Reagan, but Romy Theisen.
  • Now the fun part starts! Upload photos and personalize your page, however you’d like. Upload your email address book or reach out to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and more. We created a detailed COTS Walk Fundraising Video explaining how to use the COTS Fundraising Hub to maximize your fundraising success.
  • Now you are up and running! Share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and log in and use the COTS Fundraising Hub to send out emails to your community.
  • Questions? Need help? Contact Romy Theisen at or at (802) 343-6903.

Q: Are donations tax deductible?  If so, how do donors get receipts?

A: Donations are tax deductible. Online donations will receive email receipts automatically after a donation is complete. Walkers are welcome to provide donors with unofficial handwritten receipts. Official COTS receipts will follow regardless.

Q: Why must I use a mock email when registering my child?

A: Our new fundraising platform uses your name and personal email to create a unique user profile for your registration in our database. This helps us keep your contact information, event participation and communication preferences current and up-to-date in our system.

For this reason, we recommend that you register for the event yourself first so that you will receive event updates and fundraising tips that you can then share with your child. With the mock email that you create for your child's registration, you can access and update your child's fundraising page. If you only proceed with a mock email registration for your child, you can update your child's fundraising page, but you will not receive event communications from us through email.

Questions? Contact Romy Theisen at or (802) 343-6903

Q: What is COTS' Privacy Policy? 

A: Read COTS Privacy Policy