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Honor God with your vote!

Thank you for choosing to Honor God with your vote!

You know that self-government is a gift we've been given in America. And like all good gifts, we have a responsibility to God for how we steward it.

So join us in spreading the message that choosing our leaders isn't just a matter of politics, but of honoring God's gift to us.

There are two steps you can do today to spread the message:

1.       Share the video encouraging Christians to Honor God with their vote

Here's the first way you can encourage the Church to speak a godly voice to government in this election: Visit the Honoring God video Facebook page and SHARE it to your Facebook page.

2.       Email your contacts, encouraging them to Honor God with their vote

Thank you for encouraging the Church to Honor God this election by sharing the "Honoring God 2018" video on Facebook!

But nothing motivates others to action nearly as well as direct, personal contact. Here's a way you make an even bigger impact.

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Honor God with your vote!

Honor God with your vote!

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