End of session: Encourage your Representative and Senator to protect life!

We NEED our friends in the Iowa House and Iowa Senate to finish the job and vote one more time for the Protect Life Amendment!

Before you and I can vote to ratify the Protect Life Amendment, the Iowa House and Senate need to agree on the language of the amendment itself. Both chambers passed the amendment, but without passing the same language. The amendment needs to pass the Iowa House before the session adjourns or the bill is dead for this year!

So we're asking YOU to contact your Iowa Representative and Senator. Encourage them to be bold, and to ask House leadership to move forward with the best language for life!

Legislators are tired from a long legislative session and will no longer be paid for staying in session starting next week. Please be encouraging and respectful in your comments.

And, as always, please edit the suggested language of the email to reflect your thoughts and encouragement.


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Please pass HJR 5

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