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Every Book Has Its Own Beginnings

When the 2012 Family Leadership Summit came to an end, one thing was perfectly clear: The world was desperate for change.

In order to turn things around spiritually, fiscally and morally, only a true revival would do – a revival that would need to take place nationally, internationally and personally.

When our Family Leader team met after the summit to focus on prayer and contemplation, the vision became even more clear. We opened the Bible to 2 Chronicles 7:14 and the word “if” was right in front of our eyes. We knew right then that we had found the template for revival.

Born from this revelation and based around our strong belief that the power of prayer is key for revival, “If 7:14” is a call to action for the entire world to pray twice a day – once at 7:14am and once again at 7:14pm. Imagine if we could better our personal lives and our marriages. What if we could change – not only at home, but at work, in our communities and our churches, in our countries and our world? The key word is … “if.”

The time for revival is here.

“If 7:14” is a response to that need for revival.

The latest edition of If 7:14 includes "Dig Deeper Study Questions" which makes it a perfect book to discuss in a small group setting or to use as a personal study guide.

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