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Thank President Biden for Nursing Home Reforms

On Monday, February 28, 2022, the Biden Administration announced it would be implementing a variety of nursing home reforms, including the creation of a minimum staffing standard in nursing homes, accountability for poor performing nursing homes, increased transparency around ownership and finances, and support for direct care staff. These critical reforms will address many of the long-standing problems that have plagued nursing homes for decades. More than 200,000 residents and staff died from COVID-19, and tens of thousands more suffered from the effects of isolation and neglect.

Advocates, residents, and families have long called for these actions to address the inadequate conditions that many residents experience. This announcement will increase positive health outcomes for current and future nursing home residents. Importantly, it will save lives.

The Biden plan promises additional important reforms such as enhanced enforcement and penalties, new efforts to reduce the misuse of antipsychotic medications, and improved pandemic and emergency preparedness in facilities. The Administration will take steps to implement reforms directly and calls on Congress to enact legislation to support these goals.

Join us in thanking President Biden for standing with nursing home residents and introducing these monumental nursing home reforms. 

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Thank You President Biden for Announcing Monumental Nursing Home Reforms

Dear [Decision Maker],

As an advocate for nursing home residents, I want to thank you for your recent announcement about important nursing home reforms. These critical improvements will address many of the long-standing problems that have plagued nursing homes for decades and make an enormous difference in the lives of residents.

Thank you again for your leadership in proposing these bold actions. You have my strong support for these measures, and my commitment to do what I can to ensure they become reality.

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