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Columbus City Schools

Dear Colleague,

Every student in Columbus City Schools who earns a high school diploma deserves the opportunity to attend college if they choose. The cost of higher education should never be a barrier, but for too many students, rising tuition costs remain a deterrent. Together, we can help change that.

Columbus City Schools supports the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) with the CCS-UNCF Workplace Campaign. With the dollars you donate, our students have an opportunity to earn the financial support they need to get into and through college. We ask you to continue to invest in our students through the UNCF campaign. For over 80 years, UNCF has helped our students achieve what some only thought a dream — a college degree.

All our students, regardless of race, are eligible for these scholarships. Preference is given to those students who demonstrate significant financial need. Half of every dollar raised goes directly to help a student in need; the other 50 percent helps historically Black colleges and universities maintain their legacy of excellence. To maintain these scholarships, we must raise at least $10,000.

We know if every employee donates just $5, we will exceed our goal of raising $35,000 to help our students.

Our District campaign is currently underway and will end on February 28, 2024. We ask that you please consider giving at least $5 either by a one-time donation using the donation form below or through payroll deduction. This year the campaign will be conducted online to help you make electronic donations via UNCF’s secured website.

Your donation is an investment in a deserving student who, without you, may not have the opportunity to attend college. We encourage you to contribute something that will directly benefit our students. When we invest in them at every step, they have the opportunity to live the lives they only dreamed possible.

For additional information, call Dorothy Wilson at CEA, (614) 253-4731.

Please donate to the UNCF campaign “because a mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a wonderful thing to invest in!”


Dr. Angela Chapman
Superintendent & CEO

John Coneglio
CEA President

Lois Carson
CSEA President

Donald Jackson
CSCSA President

Kimberly Rodriguez
CAA President

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