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Support Jyoti and Damian’s Fundraiser for Women and Girls in Madagascar!

Jyoti and Damian saw first-hand the amazing work UNFPA Madagascar is conducting to help some of the world’s most vulnerable women and girls. With your generous support we can help UNFPA provide their most critical needs.

Specifically, they are fundraising for the below and hope you can help!

Rural Community Health Center

- $3,000: Two (2) solar panels at $1,500 each

$2,460: Six (6) solar panel batteries at $410 each

- $700: One (1) birthing table

- $20: Ten (10) bed pans - fulfilled!

Public Hospital

 - $3,000: Ten (10) maternity beds at $300 each

- $2,450: Seven (7) 7kg-laundry machines at $350 each

Community Youth Center

 - $1,100: Ten (10) sewing machines at $110 each

- $1,000: Brick ceiling repair

- $630: One (1) projector for health and leadership trainings

Women Vocational Training Centers

- $550: Five (5) sewing machines at $110 each

- $350: One (1) printer for producing health pamphlets

Gender-based violence listening/legal assistance centers

- $1,430: Training for ten (10) women advocates at $143 each

You can find more details on the fundraiser and organizations here and a diary of their time with UNFPA Madagascar in Antananarivo here and in Tulear here.

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