Supporting life-saving care is at the heart of everything we do.

With an enormous amount of compassionate care and hard work, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute has become a recognized, international leader in cardiovascular care, treatment and research.

The Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation is the bridge that connects the programs, facilities and people who save lives every day, with the individual and corporate philanthropists in our community.


Research Impact

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute was built on the steadfast support of an exceptional donor community. Together, you helped build a world class facility, fill it with specialized life-saving equipment and recruit the best and brightest scientists to focus on changing the lives of people living with heart disease. Now we are ready to be bolder and dream bigger.

Join us on the next exciting journey as physicians and scientists work hand in hand with patients in “bench-to-bedside” clinical research and focus on precision medicine, tailoring treatment to the individual patient. Our innovative heart teams will tackle some of the most serious heart diseases including arrythmias, atherosclerosis, valvular disease and heart failure.

Your support of February is Heart Month will ensure that the Heart Institute continues to provide the best possible care for patients and their families, while shaping the way cardio-vascular medicine is practiced now, and in the years ahead. The Heart Institute will always be a special place for healing, learning and caring.

Your support will have a lasting impact on people in our community - changing and saving lives.

Click on View More below to hear about just some of the lives that have been touched by community support like yours:

Card image Steve Pino
Steve Pino

A miracle that gifted a husband, father & grandfather with more time.

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Card image France Constant
France Constant

A mother who is grateful be able to complete her story.

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Card image Brock Thom
Brock Thom

A proposal, a marriage, a gender reveal and a lifesaving surgery.

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Card image Marc Laperle
Marc Laperle

A life saved four times

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