JUMP IN anytime before September 30th.

A virtual 30-day challenge to celebrate your commitment to staying active in your own space, at your own pace in support of Canadian Women’s Heart Health.

Join the 30-day challenge and JUMP IN for Women’s Heart Health anytime in September.

It Starts Here

30 minutes of physical activity for 30 days.

Together, we will improve the heart health of all Canadian women.

Watch Dr. Thais Coutinho, Chief, Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation and Chair, Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre (CWHHC), Natalie Tommy, JUMP IN Committee Chair, Nadia Lappa, Patient & CWHHC Spokesperson and Lianne Laing, Executive Director University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation, as they discuss why they are Jumping In for Women’s Heart Health.

Register to JUMP IN and support women’s heart health through research, education and programming at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and the Canadian Women's Heart Health Centre.

Are You In?

Do it for you, do it for the ladies in your life that you love, your mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and your BFF’s.

The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre draws on the expertise of the Ottawa Heart Institute, to build programs that will Improve women’s heart care; raise awareness of heart disease in women; and deepen knowledge through research specifically targeted to women. CLICK HERE for more information about the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre.

The Nitty Gritty:

LIVE Kick-off with Dr. Thais Coutinho and Executive Director of the Heart Institute Foundation, Lianne Laing: September 1, 2020

Challenge Date: September 1- 30, 2020
Location: In your own space, you choose!
Registration: $20

Included in your registration

Shake your booty at a family dance party, run through the lawn sprinkler, get gardening with the gnomes or jump on a trampoline. Mix and match your favorite activities to complete 30 minutes of physical activity a day for 30 days!

Register today - Now is the time to JUMP IN and start the conversation!

"Together we are changing attitudes and behaviors, and most importantly saving lives. Let’s start a conversation."
- Dr. Thais Coutinho, Chief, Division of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation, Chair, Canadian Women's Heart Health Centre.

30 Day Heart Health


  1. JUMP IN for the 30-Day challenge and support women’s heart health!
  2. GET MOTIVATED Join us on September 1st for a Live kick off with Dr. Coutinho and Lianne Laing.
  3. GET ACTIVE From September 1 to September 30 JUMP IN and get active for 30 minutes each day. Need some help choosing creative ways to get active? We’ve got you covered click here for a list of 30 fun activity ideas! Mix and match your favorite activities throughout the 30 days!
  4. TRACK YOUR SUCCESS Once you’ve registered you will receive your 30 minute Tracker. Use this tool to track your activities daily.
  5. SHARE, MOTIVATE & INSPIRE for a chance to win some cool prizes! Share your success with your friends and family on your social media platforms and stay connected!
    • POST DAILY, each day of the challenge share your updated 30 minute Tracker or a pic of you JUMPING IN with your fav activity.
    • TAG US (@UniversityOfOttawaHeartInstituteFoundation) in your daily posts. We want to be with you every step of the way!
    • DM US If you do not want to share publicly, no worries at all - direct message us and share your success with us privately. This will keep you motivated and encourage accountability! We will cheer you on from the background.
  6. BE PROUD & HAVE FUN Give yourself a pat on the back for JUMPING IN to support women’s heart health in your community and most importantly HAVE FUN every step of the way!