1. I did not receive my Hunt For Hearts Starter kit email, now what?

If you registered for Hunt For Hearts before February 1 you should have received your starter kit email on February 1st. If you registered for the Hunt after February 1st you will receive your starter kit email the day you register IF you register before 11AM. If you registered after 11AM you will receive your starter kit the following day.

If your starter kit email does not show up in your inbox when it should please check your junk/spam folder as sometimes our emails end up in there. If you still cannot find the email, please reach out to

2. Can I register a team for the Hunt?

Hunt For Hearts is not designed to be completed in a team format. We encourage everyone to register individually. Only individuals who are registered will be eligible for prizes.

3. Do I have to register everyone in my family/household if we are completing the Hunt together?

If you are completing the Hunt with those in your household you can all participate under one registration. However, please be advised that you will all have to work off one scorecard which means only the person who registered will be eligible for prizes.

4. What are the prizes?

We have 5 EPIC prize packages available! CHECK THEM OUT →

5. How does the points system work?

Each task is worth a specific number of points. The more tasks you complete the more points you get which means more opportunities to win one of the epic prize packages. We draw one winner for each of the tiers. You are included in each and every tier's draw that you qualify for. And remember, we will be verifying each task that you deem completed, so no funny business! Check out our point system and prize package details HERE! 250 points is the max you need to achieve to qualify for all prizes however there are an additional 50 points available on the bonus weekends (Feb 13-15 & Feb 27-28) making the total achievable 300. These are there to give everyone a fair shake regardless of their age, ability, or starting date.

6. How do I record my points?

Once you are registered you will be sent a Hunt for Hearts starter kit. This kit will include a unique URL that will bring you to your personal scorecard. You will use this scorecard to enter your answers, track your completed tasks, and keep score of your points overall.

7. I don’t live in Ottawa, can I still participate?

Absolutely! There are only a couple of small tasks that require you to physically be in Ottawa, these points can easily be made up for by achieving the bonus points. Radio clues can also be tuned-into over the internet. All activities and challenges can be completed online and from the safety of your own home, indoors or out!
Disclaimer: If you live outside of Ottawa and you win one of our prize packages you will have to pick your prize package up on your own terms OR you can choose to have us ship it to you at YOUR expense.