2022 JUMP IN for Women's Heart Health

Rideau Sports Centre

RIDEAU SPORTS CENTRE has decided to JUMP IN For Women's Heart Health!  Throughout September we will participate in a 30-day activity challenge where we will get active for 30 minutes a day for 30 days.  All in support of women's heart health! 

PLEASE JOIN our "RIDEAU SPORTS CENTRE" Team. It's only $20 registration fee, plus (if you wish) you can make an additional contribution and fundraise. 

Just think of all the fun activities you could do - walk your dog, cycle with a friend, go for a run, garden, cycle with a friend, take and RSC Yoga or Fitness Class, RSC Drop-In Tennis, Padel, Volleyball, Basketball ... so many options for healthy fun in community, or solo! 

By committing to this challenge, we are not only taking care of ourselves individually (with daily motivation), having fun together, and we are investing in unparalleled women's heart health programs, services, and research powered by the Canadian Women's Heart Health Centre, including national initiatives of the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance. Through this initiative, we will help start the conversation and raise awareness for women and heart disease. The immediate and long-term benefits for women's heart health will be addressed through unique and unparalleled programs, services, and research initiatives offered at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. 

We hope you can join us and others participating by making a donation or joining our team!

Thank you for your support and making a difference! 



Rideau Sports Centre - Join Team Raised
Nicole Bridgland $20.00
Margaux Beland $0.00
Erin Bignell $20.00
Tracey Clark $5.00
Carrie Cuhaci $30.00
Madeleine Denis $0.00
Jennifer Eberts $100.00
Peter Engelmann $0.00
Valentyna Galadza $0.00
Charlotte Gray $0.00
Kristina Hamilton $30.00
Katie Loftus $0.00
James Meek $30.00
Patricia Meek $30.00
Paul Meek $130.00
Kate Moore $0.00
Christine Morris $20.00
Lucie Poliquin $0.00
Rohin Richardson $0.00
Donna Ringrose $0.00
Julian Ringrose $100.00
Martin Sampson $31.00
Sylvie Seguin-Jak $0.00
Andie Smith $0.00
Julie Smyth $50.00
Team Gifts $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain