University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation

In Memory of Colonel (Ret'd) Christopher Simonds

November has come to be the month of men’s health (Movember), but in Canada it also holds a special place as a month of Remembrance. This year, in memory of Colonel (Ret'd) Christopher Guy Simonds, CD, we are raising money in support of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. 

Colonel (Ret'd) Simonds, 62, passed away on the 13th of October in hospital following a very complex medical journey which began in July. He is survived by his four sons, our friend Nicholas, William, Matthew, and David, as well as his wife of 30 years, Krista. The Ottawa Heart Institute played a pivotal role in providing an excellent quality of care which enabled each of his sons and his wider family precious added time together.

This Movember, Kole, Jordan and Zach will be growing out their moustaches to bring visibility to the issues of men’s health and as a commitment to their fundraising in memory of Colonel (Ret'd) Simonds. They will be posting updates of their progress throughout the month of November. Please support them by donating or doing your part by being there for others.

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