Fundraise with heart

Create your own fundraiser or join a fundraiser

Create a simple fundraiser

This option is great if you simply need a straightforward donation page to publicize your fundraiser right away. You can easily personalize your page by adding a short story or description about your event and uploading a photo.
Please note: if you select this option, your friends and family can donate directly, but not join your event.

Create a fundraiser that others can join

Are you organizing a walk, tournament or another type of fun event that may have teams or multiple registrants?
As the event organizer, you will have the option to have people register within the event page. You, the organizer, will have an event page and personal donation page created automatically. Both pages can be personalized by you only. Those that join your event will have their own personal page to manage, but their names will appear under the main event fundraiser page.

Join an existing fundraiser or team

Did a friend or family member already create a fundraiser? If you wish to join an event that is already registered select this option. A personal page will be created for you to customize. Your name will appear under the main event page and your fundraising will go towards the event.