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Circles of Love Companions and Families Care Kit                                             


Supported by an educational grant from Abbott Oncology

Our new care kit is an excellent resource collection for friends and loved ones of those facing the battle against prostate cancer. The kit includes:

Circles of Love

The Circles of Love Collection: Personal stories from companions and family members of those fighting prostate cancer. This new book, an Us TOO original publication, is a compilation of interviews with friends and loved ones of prostate cancer patients. These supportive and inspirational stories are meant to help others who are facing similar challenges.
you may purchase this item separately in the Us TOO on-line store for $1


Intimacy with Impotence: The couples guide to better sex after prostate disease. This book, authored by Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz, is written for couples who have survived prostate cancer and whose normal sexual function has been disrupted. The authors bring a unique and personal perspective to the topics as they too live this experience. (you may purchase this item separately in the Us TOO on-line store for $10.00)


What You Need to Know about Prostate Cancer. This informative booklet is produced by the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. Topics covered include: screening, symptoms, diagnosis, staging, treatment, nutrition and more. (you may request this item separately from the National Cancer Institutes Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-Cancer)


Resource and Referral Guide. This listing is an excerpt from “Life after Cancer Treatment,” a booklet produced by the National Cancer Institute (1-800-4-Cancer). The list includes contact information for groups, organizations and government offices that provide information and support on one or more of the following topics: legal assistance, disability and discrimination, patient education, health insurance, credit counseling, financial assistance, medication assistance, nutrition, consumer health and more.


Circles of Love Music CD. As music calms the savage beast, we wanted to include a unique musical/audio component to our Circles of Love Care Kit support materials. This original collection of inspirational songs was written to celebrate the love and support between the patient and his companions and family members. The songs and music are reflective as well as fun and inspiring, to fit in with whatever mood the family is dealing with at the time, or to help them move along to a new phase in their treatment plan or emotional state. Music styles include pop, R&B, soul, and folk. Songs are performed by Tommy Blaize, Kat Eggleston and Dawn Joseph, produced by Alan GlassPreview songs here.

On-line Support for Companions and Family Members.  The web-based
Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support Community
provides new tools to find – or offer – information and support. For example, in addition to participating in discussion threads, members will be able to create a personal blog, and post pictures and videos. The community allows members complete control over their privacy choices – you can be as open or as anonymous as you wish.

The discussion topics include:

Newly diagnosed
Treatment options
Managing side effects
Exercise and nutrition
Wives, family, friends and caregivers
Gay men with prostate cancer
Prostate cancer and intimacy
Screening and early detection
Recurrence / advanced disease
Clinical trials
Local support group leaders

Order your Circles of Love Care Kit Today!

Your care kit includes all products listed above (two books, one resource list, one booklet, one music CD, and access information for the on-line communities, a combined value of over $45)

Care kits are $24.99 (includes shipping and handling) and can be ordered two ways in addition to Us TOO store:

BY PHONE: Call 1-800-80-USTOO (1-800-808-7866) (Visa and Mastercard accepted)

BY MAIL: Send your check and money order to:
Us TOO CoL Care Kit
5003 Fairview Ave
Downers Grove IL 60515

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