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This prepackaged kit includes The Pain Antidote with Dr. Mel Pohl program DVD, The Pain Antidote paperback book, Pain Recovery Workbook, Pain Recovery for Families Workbook, and The Pain Antidote Meditation CD in a ready-to-ship mailer.


The proven program to help you stop suffering from chronic pain, avoid addiction to painkillers – and reclaim your life! Paperback 320 pages. 


Chronic pain is not a life sentence. If you are one of the 100 million people who suffer from chronic pain, you may be feeling hopeless and helpless, relying on endless medications that don't work, feeling worse and worse. But there is hope—and help. The innovative program at the acclaimed Las Vegas Recovery Center, at which Dr. Mel Pohl is Medical Director, has helped thousands of sufferers to reduce chronic pain without the use of painkillers. The Pain Antidote shares this program's concrete tools and strategies, offering:


  • Cutting-edge research on how pain affects your brain
  • How your emotions affect your experience of pain
  • A comprehensive program, including a four-week Jump Start plan
  • Pain-reducing gentle exercises and health-supporting foods

Chapter list:

Part 1: Understanding

  • 1: All Pain Is Real – Everything You Wish You Never Needed to Know About Chronic Pain
  • 2: Brain Matters – How Chronic Pain Changes the Brain
  • 3: Emotions Drive Pain – Painful Experiences Are Emotional Experiences
  • 4: Am I Addicted? – Understanding the Difference Between Dependence and Addiction

Part 2: Overcoming

  • 5: Discovering the Power of the Mind – Challenging Assumptions and Achieving Realistic Expectations
  • 6: Restoring Physical Balance – Creating a Safe Pathway Between Extremes
  • 7: Regaining Emotional Equilibrium – Balancing Your Emotions with Mindfulness
  • 8: Reviving the Spirit – Finding Meaning and Purpose in Your Life


Part 3: Moving Forward

  • 9: The Jump Start Plan – Keeping It Simple
  • 10: Eating Right to Reduce Your Pain – Foods That Hurt and Foods That Heal
  • 11: Final Words – Awareness, Courage, Diligence, Hope, Faith, Joy, Compassion, and Wonder
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